Campaign. English for the military. Student's Book. Part 2

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CAMPAIGN is designed to meet the English language needs of military personnel engaged in all operations, including peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance and training exercises. CAMPAIGN combines the rigorous language analysis of a good English for Specific Purposes course with the teachability of a good General English course. It deals with real issues that concern servicemen and women. Units range from How tanks fight to Operation orders to Aircraft carriers. There are topics and texts from a variety of international military contexts, including the US, the UK, NATO and the UN. Throughout, learning of key specialised military lexis goes hand in hand with the development of general language competence through systematic skills practice and a carefully planned grammar syllabus. CAMPAIGN 2 takes students from low intermediate to beyond level 2 of NATO's STANAG 6001 system of levels (equivalent to the Council of Europe's Threshold level). CAMPAIGN 2 provides 200 hours of study materials, made up of 120 hours of class work in the Student's Book backed up with 80 hours of revision in the Workbook. Each of the 12 Student's Book units is organised around three key points. Alpha introduces the topic and key vocabulary of the whole unit. For an example of an alpha section, see Unit 3, page 24. Charlie focuses on everyday English - non-military situations which will come up during a foreign posting, for example, shopping or going out with friends. For an example of a Charlie section, see Unit 4, page 38. Echo revises the language from the unit and provides language practice through real-life scenarios and case studies. For an example of an echo section, see Unit 8, page 81.
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